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So here are the EU referendum results

So here are EU the referendum results

  • The Scots are pissed off with the English.
  • The 'natives' are pissed off with 'foreigners.'
  • The Remainers are pissed off with the Outers.
  • The young are pissed off with the old.
  • London is pissed off with the shires.
  • Europe is pissed off with Britain.
  • The middle class are pissed off with the working class.
  • The working class are pissed off at being patronised by the metropolitan elite.
  • The metropolitan elite are pissed off at being called a metropolitan elite (but probably coined the phrase themselves).
  • The 'educated' are pissed off with the 'uneducated'.
  • Depending on which meme you're into, Piglet and Pooh, after initially being quite friendly about it all are actually increasingly pissed off with each other.
  • Leavers are, in increasing numbers, now pissed off with themselves for voting leave.
  • Daily Express readers are still pissed off with everybody (except Princess Diana, who may, don't you know, still be alive).
  • Daily Mail editors are pissed off that despite their best efforts, they couldn't *quite* convince the general populace of a link between the EU and cancer.
  • The Irish passport office is pissed off with the fact that everybody suddenly has an Irish granny.
  • Boris is pissed off with about 3.8% of the people who followed his advice to vote Leave.
  • Cameron is pissed off with the idea of actually negotiating a way out of the mess he made by calling a referendum in the first place.
  • Jeremy Corbyn's right-on, loving and 'inclusive' fans are pissed off with 'Red Tories', 'Blairite scum' and 'liberal fascists.'
  • The rest of Labour is pissed off with Jeremy Corbyn for not taking a hint (or getting up off his arse during the referendum campaign).

And meanwhile, everybody, including the Leave faction, is pissed off at the prospect of actually invoking Article 50 any time soon.

(Good name for a band that actually, Article 50).



150 years of the tube...and me

No, I'm not 150 years old (although perhaps I feel it). But today, the London Underground is. All the news coverage about this has been bringing back all sorts of memories for me today about the launch of my first album, Twisted City, back in 2006. The album was conceived as a tube journey through London, with every song a stop on the line and about a particular London place, person or experience. As such, we went and launched it by playing a few songs from it on the Underground...only to find out that a TV crew had rocked up. The result was a very surreal piece on the record on the ITV news that night. I cringe watching some of it in hindsight (particularly the bit where I'm coming down the escalator playing a guitar) but hey, I was young and I er, needed the publicity.

Some of this footage is available in my 'making of the album' video, and you can download Twisted City for free here.

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